Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing Services & Characteristics and Types

Regression testing is a test suite designed to identify defects in the areas of previously developed and tested software application. The purpose of this verification is not only to prove the absence of bugs, but also to find and fix regression bugs. Regression bugs are the same bugs, but they are not present in previous release of software and do not occur when the program is being written, but they may be introduced in the existing build together with new changes (updates,  enhancements, configuration changes, patches).   

Also, there is a high probability to add regression bugs to the software while repairing other bugs, and, that is why new defects emerge in the products that were already tested. So regression testing services are quite desirable to use after adding new functionality to the program or releasing a new build.

Thus, we can claim that the goal of regression testing is to ensure that defect fixes have not brought unexpected issues and that updates done to the build have not introduced new defects in the existing tested code.

Performance testing services are delivered not only to find defects but also to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks and also to determine baseline for regression tests.

There are Several Types of Regression Tests:

  • Build verification tests. These are performed to check and fix a reported bug that was previously opened.
  • Software version verification tests. Based on principles of both smoke testing and integration testing techniques and is aimed at verifying major functionality of each new version of software program.
  • Regression testing.  Re-execution of all the previously written and conducted tests. They are performed using the existing test cases no matter if these found bugs or not.
  • Testing done to ascertain that the build has not adversely affected the other parts of the software by recent code changes for upgrades or defect fixing. This is done to verify whether the old functionality is still working correctly with the new changes.

Stress testing services are hardly possible to replace with other types of verification when it comes to determine stability of a given software or system. They are needed to understand whether the test object is capable of performing satisfactorily under unfavorable conditions.  The program is pushed to failure to determine if its stability, robustness and reliability.

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