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QA and Testing Services: Which Errors Want Fixing According to Top Management

Errors That Are Worth Attention In The Perception of Top Management

Senior managers do not deal with certain errors provided that these are not the extremely serious problems which have to be held in abeyance for a little while. They can learn about such issues from a test leader, test manager, project manager, as well as any employee opining that a particular issue is to be necessarily considered by top management. Do you know that independent QA and testing services can be made good use of?? Wonder why? You have an opportunity to develop higher quality software at reduced costs.

Among the errors that deserve the attention of top management, are the following:

The Behavior of The Program Discredits The Company. This may be said about harsh tone of error messages, pornographic or not quite decent images and texts, curses included in the program code. Even if the program does not display them on the screen, and the majority of users of the program will not see them ever, certainly there are enthusiasts who will read the text of the program files, and share their discoveries with others; thence ultimately this information will pop up on the Internet and in printed periodicals.

The program’s errors deprive it of the benefits or block those of its features that have been announced in ads or lock the opportunities that every intelligent user expects to have. If a word processor is unable to print texts and the project manager has decided not to correct this flaw, then the higher level manager must step in to save the situation. The same applies to the smaller features of the program, which, however, affect its competitiveness.

It is wise to resort to web testing services when you see your web app working incorrectly and even its behavior seems a little bit strange to you. Web testers are able to identify current and potential problems that cause poor or unsatisfactory performance of web applications.

The program is certain to cause an intelligent user to express strong displeasure with its mode of operation. If copy protection subsystem erases all information on the offender’s hard drive, it is necessary to inform the president of the company or its lawyer about this fact, before releasing such a program onto the market.

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