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Regression Testing Services: Standard Series of Tests

Some time after software testing has started, a regression test generation library is being built. This is a complete set of test cases covering all the paths of the program and which is executed whenever programmers submit another working version of this program.

Ideally, the tests should be fully automated. In this case, you will still have to spend some time on their execution, but the whole testing procedure will be much less time consuming.

When the next version of the program is available for testing, and it is time to repeat all the tests from the library over again, a number of questions arise. How big is the library and how the documents such as ALL-Union state standards have appeared in it at all? Is it necessary to run all the tests time and time again?

Please, be informed, that regression testing services are provided to ascertain that changes to the program have not broken the older programming and it correctly works with the most recent changes.

It is not always easy to pre-determine what tests should be included in the regression test library. Therefore, initially it may contain more tests than is really necessary. It goes without saying that it will include at least examples of how to verify boundary conditions and time response. But whether or not all of them should be executed every time?

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As a rule, it is a nuisance for experts to perform regression tests, since the probability of detecting program errors is particularly low while using them. When executed initially, some of these tests can detect errors, but after the errors have been finally corrected, it does not make any sense to do these tests again and again since it seems like a waste of time. If the error is no longer present in the program, what is the probability that it will occur again? And how to deal with the tests, which were carried out already several times and never found the error? In some companies, such tests are excluded from the library, except for those that detected errors.

Instead of pondering over each test, it is better to choose a simpler way. All you need to do is to include all regression tests, which may be useful to you, in library. From time to time, approximately every three test cycles, you should revise the library and delete those tests, which will not greatly contribute to the quality of the work.

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