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QA Service: Identification of Bad Product Requirements

QA Service: Identification of Bad Product Requirements
QA Service: Identification of Bad Product Requirements


Ambiguity in software requirements leads to different expectations among stakeholders. Subsequently, some of them get surprised: “What did this turn out to be?” The developers waste their time, troubleshooting the wrong problems. And the testers get prepared to test the wrong behavior of the system.

One way to detect ambiguity is to invite different user representatives to conduct the formal analysis of requirements. You should have them review the document and give their feedbacks about its quality. If they interpret requirements in different ways, but this makes sense to each of them, then the ambiguity will not manifest itself now, but much later, when it will be very costly or even impossible to correct. Another way to uncover ambiguity is to write a test case for the requirement and build a prototype. QA service is meant to fulfill expectations of your customers by testing the products they are going to purchase.

“Gilding” of the product

“Gilding” can refer to such situations, when developers add functions that are not in the specification document, but they think that these will appeal to users. In many cases, however, the clients do not need such unexpected features, and it turns out that the time allotted to implement them is simply wasted. Prior to adding new functions, developers and analysts must familiarize the clients with their creative ideas about product upgrades. The team’s task is to strictly comply with the requirements specification, and not do something unplanned behind the backs of customers without getting approval from them. Independent software testing is a type of verification conducted by overseas staff, not involved in the development process.

Users sometimes want functions or interface elements that look great, but do not represent a particular value for the product. All that you want to add is worth the time and money, so try to realize the value of a timely release of the product or its new features. To reduce “gilding”, keep track of each bit of functionality back to its original source to clearly understand why it is included in the product. Applying use cases to elicit requirements will help to focus on selecting those elements that will help users to fulfill their business objectives. Testing service providers are available to thoroughly examine your digital products and make sure that they are created for their customers, in accordance with their needs and requirements.  

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