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Quality Assurance Consulting: Waterfall Development Model

Quality Assurance Consulting: Waterfall Development Model
Quality Assurance Consulting: Waterfall Development Model

The waterfall model was the first software development process model to be put into service. The main feature of the waterfall model is that each stage or component of the model is completed before the next stage starts. The process begins by defining the requirements for the system. In the waterfall model, these requirements are identified, analyzed and recorded in special documents before the design work begins. The system engineering, software design, coding and various testing processes are self-reliant and carefully documented stages of the process. It should however be noted that usually some stages appear under different names; for example, the system design phase is often referred to as a “project assignment” or “scheme design”, while at the same time the design stage of a software program is often referred to as a “detailed design”. Quality assurance consulting is a great way to know everything about successful software launch and sales techniques to increase sales.

The waterfall model has its own critics. One of the arguments to which they resort concerns the possibility of covering all requirements at the initial stage of the project. Suppose you were asked to state all of your requirements for a new car before it is designed and built. As a customer, it will be difficult for you to formulate these requirements with the level of detail that is required for designing and building a car from the scratch. Such demands are placed by the waterfall model on the customer and the programmer-analyst at the initial stage of the waterfall process. Web application testing service turns out to be irreplaceable for people that want to have as many visitors to their websites as possible.

It is argued that the main drawback of the waterfall model is that it does not treat software as a problem-solving process. The waterfall model is borrowed from the world of hardware development. It introduces the assembly principle of software development, wherein the component is first developed and then replicated multiple times. However, the creation of software is, first of all, a creation, and by no means a production process. The development of software goes through a series of stages, evolving as the understanding of the problem grows. As part of this process, there are many forth and back operations, performed to try different things in order to choose the best from them. Outsourced software testing lets many companies create perfect programs at a reduced price.

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