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Definition of Product Vision up to Business Requirements

Motto of Cherkassian Experts: Test as Early as Possible. Test Often. Test Sufficiently
Motto of Cherkassian Experts: Test as Early as Possible. Test Often. Test Sufficiently

The product vision helps the stakeholders to work in one direction. It describes what the product is now and what it will become afterwards. The project scope indicates the portion of ​​the final long-term product vision that the iteration or current project will refer to. The scope document defines the boundary between what is inside and outside of the project work. This means that the specified elements make up any project allowing the stakeholders to understand the total work scope of the project. More details are provided in the basic requirements to be developed by the team working on this project.


Talking about the vision, we mean the whole product. It will change relatively slowly as the product strategy becomes apparent or organizational objectives and goals evolve. The boundaries are related to a particular project or its iteration, in which rather more features of the product are implemented. The boundaries are more dynamic than the vision, since the project manager changes the contents of each version in accordance with the schedule, budget, resources and quality constraints. The task of planning is to manage the boundaries of a particular project (developed or extensible), as a specific subset of a large strategic image.


The scope document for each project or each iteration or product extension is likely to be included in the requirements specification for this software, and not in a separate vision and scope document. For large new projects, it is necessary to create a complete vision and scope document as well as the requirements specification. Testing outsourcing companies are at your disposal to get your qa work to be done in the most effective way and at attractive price. Join the community of satisfied customers – become a client of overseas service providers and you are most likely to never want to deal with local specialists anymore!!


For example, the federal government agency received a long-term order, designed for five years, to develop a massive information system. The team defined the business objectives and the vision of the system at the initial stage and did not change them in the next few years. 15 separate releases of the final system were planned out. Each release was created as a separate project describing its own scope boundaries. The latter were supposed to correspond to the general vision of the product and be aligned with the scope documents of other projects – this allowed the participants to ensure that nothing would be missed.

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