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Definition of Input Specification, Test Tool Configurations

Definition of Input Specification, Test Tool Configurations
Definition of Input Specification, Test Tool Configurations

Input Specification


Input specifications regulate the formats for data input files, database records, configuration files, hardware or other input data necessary for the test system to achieve the desired outcome. Input specifications do not cover input such as keyboards or mice that is produced during the test process; Such types of input should be described in detailed test procedures.

Each input file or image must be assigned a unique identifier, and they must be stored in an environment that provides versioning and regular duplication. The input data store should be described in the test plan, and the test case input specification should contain references to this store. For example, a set of documents containing a test plan may be needed for specific tests. They may be named TP_inputl.doc, TP_input2.doc, etc., and stored in a directory, for example, D: \ Test \ Project Name \ Test Plan \ Inputs.


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Testing tool configurations


The run of each test must be performed in a known testing environment so that the results of the run can be predictable and reproducible. This means that the hardware configuration, the operating system, the version of the software product being tested, and the initial state of the system must be determined. The development of a test plan should include analysis of various testing tool configurations and the selection of configurations suitable for system testing.

The task of this stage during which a particular test is designed is to select one or more configurations that can be used to achieve the objectives of this test. Often, the same test needs to be performed on a number of configurations to simulate the various operating conditions in which the customer works. For example, a major customer can use mostly standard configurations of the operating system, processor, hard drive, network operating system and RAM – this configuration can be modeled in the laboratory with a high degree of accuracy.


One way to track configurations is to describe them in the test plan, assigning each configuration a unique identifier. In this case, in terms of testing it is much easier to refer to one or more selected configurations.


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