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A Few Essential Commandments of Process Control – Part I

Test Completion Criteria: When to Stop Testing
Test Completion Criteria: When to Stop Testing

In this section, in a variety of different books, you can find carefully designed sets of flowcharts of procedures with mysteriously marked rectangles and various types and styles of arrows entering in these rectangles and exiting them in all directions. We are not going to do this now thanks to one heretical rule: block diagrams and process models mean nothing. They do not mean anything, because the failure or success of a software development process is in no way determined by the model of the process. Cultural, ethnic, applied and national peculiarities have a much greater impact on the process than the awesome software process models. The statement “Process A is better than process B” is equivalent to the statement “Japanese is better than Tagalog.” Saying that reviewing a preliminary design should precede coding is the same as saying: “The verbs must be placed ahead of the nouns in the sentence.” The specific features of a language, as well as the order of words, are very important for a native speaker of this language, as well as for those who translate from one language to another, but they do not determine the ability of the speaker of the language to communicate.


So, we will not consider the waterfall model or the spiral model, step-by-step detailing, top-down strategy, bottom-up strategy and all that. The following are the components that you need to look for in any effective process, just as you are looking for nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech in a colloquial language, but without specifying the order in which they should be arranged to make a meaningful process.


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Process roadmap. It is necessary to understand at each point in time, at what stage of the process you and your program are. If you prefer flowcharts of the process – this is very good, but some people prefer comments and lists. A competent road map of the process breaks the process into elementary steps that are easy to understand and control. It is sufficiently detailed that you or someone else can easily navigate it, but this detailing is not excessive and does not suppress the individuality and the creative initiative.

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