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Is Quality Assurance Worth Using?

Is Quality Assurance Worth Using?
Is Quality Assurance Worth Using?

QA service cannot do a cheap solution as sometimes it costs much. So is battle worth the blood? This is a complicated formula with many input parameters. The majority of enterprises work according to a particular return on investment scheme. If you spend money, then expect to save at least the same amount (preferably more) you invested. With QA, however, this ratio may not be obvious. A well-proven product can get away with quality problems for much longer than a new, unknown project. Certainly, no one wants to create a deliberately low-quality product, but there is a great influence of technological circumstances. Time to enter the market can be critical, and sometimes it is better to approach the market with something that is not quite perfect rather than with something ideal but two months later.


Web application testing services are available to improve quality of e-commerce products by testing them for potential defects.  


In web development, the quality concept can be explained by the following aspects:


  • Coverage. Coverage means the degree of market penetration that your product has attained – the number of people visiting your website or resorting to your service. There is a direct correlation between coverage and profitability: the more visitors go to your website, the more people purchase your product or service. From web app development point of view, search engine optimization (SEO) has the greatest impact on coverage, so we should include SEO in the quality assurance plan.
  • Functionality. If people go to your website or use your service, the quality of your site will impact user retention in a big way: a site that works according to its claims in advertising is more likely to attract repeat visitors than the one which works worse.
  • Usability. While functionality means the extent of overall capability of a digital product, and good functionality is associated with correct operation of the site, usability refers to the assessment of human-computer interaction (HCI). It is ease of use with which users perform certain tasks. The main question here is: “Is the method suitable for providing functionality for the target audience?” This question is often interpreted as “Is it convenient to use?”, although the pursuit of convenience can often harm flexibility or productivity: the method that is an apparently convenient for the programmer may not be so for a consumer who does not have the appropriate level of training and technical knowledge. In other words, when evaluating usability, you need to consider the target audience. Since the main source of information for measuring usability is the user, it is usually not amenable to automation. Be that as it may, usability testing should be included in the quality assurance plan.
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