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The Process for Testing the “Brickles” Game

The Process for Testing the "Brickles" Game
The Process for Testing the "Brickles" Game

Now we are going to know how each of the following five factors work in relation to the case study in hand:


  • Who performs the testing? All testing roles & responsibilities will be distributed between the two authors of the game. One is doing most of the implementation work, and due to this, he will perform class testing and complex tests. The other wrote use cases and dedicated much time and effort to the construction of much of the top level design. This person will derive test cases from use cases and run them as soon as the implementation of the system is complete. The first man will coordinate the model testing.
  • Which software components will be tested? The core primitive classes will be tested. High-level classes that are constructed from the primitive classes have a big number of interrelations that they will be tested as a cluster.
  • When should testing be done? The class testing will be repeated many times during the development phases. Cluster testing of high-level classes will also be repeated throughout the development cycles, but these tests cannot be initiated till primitive classes in the second increment right after the primitive classes in the first increment have been completed. System testing will begin immediately after the initial version of the system becomes available near completion of the first increment.
  • How will the testing be carried out? Test cases will be built as class methods.There will be a single test class for each class of production. Use case testing will be repeatedly performed by a system specialist, and no automation will be applied. This requires multiple sessions of the game.
  • How much testing can be considered adequate for a particular component? Classes will be tested up to the level which each public method has been called at least once. We will not try to test every possible combination of the parameter’s values. Test cases, deriving from use cases, cannot cover all the results.


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