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Software Testing Process Overview

Software Testing Process Overview
Software Testing Process Overview

As a rule, testing is the last process on the list of activities performed during almost every software development. It takes place immediately after implementation. This type of activity refers to those types of testing that verify whether the software product as a whole performs its functions correctly. From our point of view, testing is a kind of activity that can be carried out at various points in the development, and not only at the final stage and is applied not only in the context of a piece of the source code.


We define the testing process as an activity type that is different from the development process, but directly related to it, because the purpose of testing is objectively different from the goal of development. Accordingly, we prefer to consider testing and development as separate, but closely related processes.


Development and testing processes differ from each other primarily due to the fact that they have different goals and different kinds of success criteria. Development focuses on building a software product that meets the needs of its customers. Testing seeks to answer questions about the product, including whether the software product under development meets the needs or is expected to meet. Consider, for example, the number of defects detected as a result of testing a manufactured software. It is believed that the lower the defect rate (the ratio of failed test cases to the total number of test cases), the more successful development is considered to be. On the other hand, the higher the defect rate, the more effective the testing is considered to be.


Software testing and development responsibilities are assigned to different people, thereby confirming that these processes are different. The idea of ​​using different actors for development and testing procedures is especially productive from the perspective of complex system testing. Testers write test cases independently of those who develop the software programs to make sure that the ready system does exactly what is actually intended by the requirements, and not what the developers interpreted these requirements to mean.


This is true at all levels of testing. In many implementations, developers are responsible for some types of testing, such as, for example, what has been traditionally referred to as unit testing and integration testing. Quality assurance testing services can be used to monitor each phase of the production process and search for failures in the products being created.  TestMatick team is an international well-known provider of such services that greatly contribute to the success of any development project.

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