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Review of FAQ about Software Testing at Interviews and Answers to Them

The main goal of this article is to help to overcome the fear software testers face when it arises (it is noteworthy, that the fear is common among both beginner and experienced testers). Namely, it happens due to forthcoming interview because they do not know what is in store for them.
Software testing companies are available worldwide. Their services are too demandable, since they provide various types of testing so vital for appropriate performance of software product. Besides, it is very important to check software for bugs before it is released.

The secondary goal is to put together main questions that are likely to be asked during the interviews. Owing to some knowledge on how to prepare for an interview for software testing job, it is possible to claim even specialized QA forums fail in coping with this challenge and maybe they are not willing to deal with the issue at all.

The list of questions is not resulting, and, of course, is not intended to be a standard, but serves only as a kind of guide for training future software testers.

There are some of the questions:

Explain the meaning of the term: “software life cycle”.
Explain the meaning of the term: “software development life cycle”.
Explain the advantage of using the model of software development life cycle (SDLC).
What are the main phases of software development life cycle?
When is it necessary to provide software testing services?
Explain the meaning of the term: Quality Assurance.
Explain the meaning of the term: Quality Control.
Explain what does software testing mean.
What are the main purposes of software testing?
When to start software testing?
When to terminate software testing?
What are the main levels of software testing?
What are Entry Criteria?

And so on.

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