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Software QA Services: What Helps To Improve Effectiveness of Your Testing?

Software QA Services: What Helps To Improve Effectiveness of Your Testing?
Software QA Services: What Helps To Improve Effectiveness of Your Testing?

Test effectiveness can be increased by reducing the number of test cases without decreasing the degree of test coverage regarding the product’s aspects being tested. It can be achieved by isolating and liquidating duplicate tests which can produce the same results. There are several examples.

One action of equivalent action group. For example, let us say that the program displays dialog boxes with error messages. As a user’s response, you can only click on the OK button or press the <Enter> key. Pressing all other keys and clicking the mouse outside the OK button is simply ignored by the program. Of course, you will be unable to test all possible keystrokes. It should also be borne in mind that a keystroke ignored by one dialog box can destroy another. In such a situation, it is very convenient to use a test matrix in which each line corresponds to one of the messages. Each column of the matrix corresponds to a group of keys assigned to the same equivalence class, for example, to all lower-case letters. For each of the messages, you should check one or more keys from each class. Software qa services need to be used throughout the entire life cycle so that to avoid any post-release problems.

Control of completeness. If, by working in accordance with the prepared test plan, you miss the errors, then your plan is not complete. The gaps in the plan can occur for the following reasons.

  • Skipped areas of the program. To perform a full-fledged testing, it is necessary to prepare a detailed list of what has already been tested and what remains to be tested. In the course of the work, be sure to refer to this list and update it if necessary. This is especially important for programs that undergo many changes during development. Outsourced software testing helps to minimize number of defects in software apps / products at unbelievable prices.
  • Missing error classes. The ability to properly organize your daily schedule at work and consistently test the program for all predictable errors is a rare quality these days. Usually such testing is performed quite randomly. You should create a list of errors encountered by you during the test and expand it on an as-needed basis. You may check your test plan with it in order to make sure that it is quite adequate. To do this, you are required to go through the list of errors, asking yourself if another error can be encountered in the program under test.

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