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Software Testing Consulting: Understanding The Requirements

Software Testing Consulting: Understanding The Requirements
Software Testing Consulting: Understanding The Requirements

There are steps to be taken for the purpose of eliciting the requirements in the best way possible:

Select a product champion in each user class. This is a person who can accurately convey the opinions and needs of customers. He represents the needs of a particular user class and makes and carries out certain decisions on their behalf. In the case of necessity to develop intracorporate information systems, when all users are your colleagues, it is easier to find such a person. In commercial development, you should ask customers as many desirable questions as possible or use beta sites to involve them in beta tests. The people you choose must always take part in the project and have the authority to make decisions regarding user requirements. Software testing consulting allows you to obtain necessary knowledge on how to launch software products successfully.

Create focus groups of typical users. Identify the typical users of previous versions of your product or the like. Find out from them what do they expect from the product under development in terms of functionality and quality attributes. Focus groups are especially important when developing commercial products, when you have to deal with a large and diverse customer base. Unlike the product supporters, focus groups usually do not have the authority to make decisions.

Work with users to find the purpose of the product. Find out from users what tasks they need to perform using software apps. Discuss how the client should interact with the system to perform each such task. Use the standard template to document all tasks and formulate the functional requirements for each. A similar method, often used in government projects, is to create a concept of operations document (ConOps), where the characteristics of the new system are specified based on viewpoint of the user (IEEE, 1998a). It is worth remembering that technical writing outsourcing makes it possible for you to access credible and accurate content created by skilled technical writers.

Defining system events and responses to them. Identify possible outside events and the expected response of the system to them. These can be signals and data received from external equipment, as well as temporary events that cause a response, for example, the nightly transmission of data to an external object. In business applications, business events are directly related to tasks. Game testing company works to better understand the behavior of players and develop better video games.

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