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Outsourced Testing Services: Software Development Process

Outsourced Testing Services: Software Development Process
Outsourced Testing Services: Software Development Process

The software development process is investigated for certain reasons. One reason to avoid unambiguous statements is that there is no development process that suits best for all fast-developing projects. For example, a built-in controller for a pacemaker should be created “as fast as possible”, whereas an interactive dictionary for your neighbor should hardly be developed at such a rapid pace. Outsourced testing services are used to cut development costs and timely deliver high quality IT products to the target audience.

Also, the process can be defined as “a sequence of steps, including actions, constraints and resources that lead to the desired result of some kind.” There a list of the process attributes based on which we can distinguish the following:

  • The process predetermines all the main activities.
  • The process involves using resources that are associated with some set of constraints (for example, timings), and intermediate and final results of the process are obtained.
  • A process can consist of a number of subprocesses that are linked together in a certain way. The process can be referred to as a hierarchy of processes arranged in such a way that each subprocess uses its own model of the process.
  • Each activity of the process is based on the entry and exit criteria, so the start / end time of certain activity is always known. Mobile app testing companies provide their services to make sure that your mobile app is stable, reliable and usable.
  • Activities are performed sequentially or simultaneously with respect to other independent sub-processes, so it is easy to determine when some activity is performed regarding other activities.
  • Each process is governed by a set of guidelines that determine the objectives of each activity.
  • Constraints or directives may apply to an activity, resource, or outcome. For instance, a budget or plan imposes limits on the amount of time that an activity may take, and some tool can restrict the way a certain resource is used.

When a process is related to creating a product, it is usually called the life cycle. For the same reason, the development of a software product is also called software life cycle. The life cycle of a software product can be described in many ways, at the same time, a model is often used for this purpose, which represents the main attributes of the process, accompanied by a certain combination of text and illustrations. Testing software services are delivered to verify developed information technology products to make sure that they meet customer requirements.

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