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Test Design, Implementation Planning, and Debugging

Test Design, Implementation Planning, and Debugging
Test Design, Implementation Planning, and Debugging

Dynamic testing approach involves executing a set of operations for a specific software module and comparing the actual outcomes with the expected outcomes. If the test run produces the expected result, it is assumed that the module has passed the test successfully. If the module shows the wrong behavior, it means the test has failed to complete successfully, however, it may appear to have been successful in uncovering a bug. A specified set of operations frame a test case. It should be emphasized that test cases should be designed, coded and debugged before you start using them.

Test design involves two components such as test architecture and in-depth test plans. The test architecture creates groups of tests, such as performance tests, UI tests, security tests, usability tests, load tests, etc. It also provides descriptions for the inner workings and naming conventions for the test bank. Detailed test plans describe the goal of each test, hardware and data required to execute the test, the expected outcome for each test step, and also point to the requirement to be validated by this test. Besides, there must be at least one to one relation between test plans and requirements. List of software testing companies will help you to find your dream tester and release the products that are sure to appeal to your customers.

Test plans can be used for development of detailed verification procedures. The level of detail for generating the verification methodology document in writing depends on the experience, skills and knowledge of the personnel performing the test. It is necessary to find a compromise between the time necessary to write a detailed, consistent methodology, and the time it takes for an interested person to understand how to perform the tests correctly. Even if the test is intended to be automated, in general, it is worth to spend the time making a preliminary detailed description of the verification procedure to ensure that the automation engineer is about to perform an unambiguous test automation task.

As soon as the test procedure is described, it will need to be checked against a certain build of the software product. Actually, most likely, this test will be performed on a “buggy” program, we should carefully examine the tests that failed in order to determine where the cause of the failure lies – in the code being tested or in the test itself.

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