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QA Consulting:The Origin of Software Bugs

QA Consulting: The Origin of Software Bug
QA Consulting: The Origin of Software Bug

Software bugs emerged at the same time when software development came about. It is evidently not the case when we created the best software and found the ways to mess it up. Actually, the term “bug” has been commonly used during software development from the genesis of this discipline and is a glossology that is used nowadays in each office, data centre, café, bedroom, laboratory, garage and any other place when software apps are built. Bugs were present in the first software and they also exist in the latest software. No software will probably be free from bugs. QA consulting is a perfect way to review manufactured products, evaluate operations and teams, reveal project vulnerabilities and bring your testing strategy into correspondence with international qa standards.

The major cause of software bugs is a failure of the developer to understand, anticipate and pilot potential run-time environments. Let us discuss about bugs introduced by a programmer and bugs that leak into operational environment.

Preventing and catching bugs

Since it is impossible prevent software errors we had better look for the ways to keep them away from software ecosystem in order to mitigate defects and build the highest quality software. As a matter of fact, there are only two techniques of the kind: error detection and error prevention.

Preventing software bugs

Error-prevention methods are mostly designed for developers and involve creating better product specifications, conducting code analyses, executing static testing tools, carrying out unit testing, mostly in an automated manner. There are some fundamental problems with each of these techniques therefore are less effective than they could be. By the way, outsourced testing services help to identify and minimize the number of software bugs by performing different tests throughout the overall development.

The worst problem of the tester is created by the developer

It is doubtful, that software developers can detect bugs in the code they write. If they are successful in uncovering bugs why they cannot avoid writing the bugs at the very beginning?? The reason of blind spots that developers still have is that they come up to the development process with a view to creating an IT product. Therefore, a majority of businesses who are concerned about good quality of a software application tend to hire another tester to verify it. Defects are best detected by someone who does not take part in the development, as fresh perspective devoid of author bias is what you really need to catch bugs. If you outsource testing to third party partners you will be able to pay less for professional test effort without sacrificing the quality.

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