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Top 10 Software Testing Companies: Life of Defect

Top 10 Software Testing Companies: Life of Defect
Top 10 Software Testing Companies: Life of Defect

The life of the defect can be defined as follows. A defect occurs due the fact that someone makes an error, carrying out some kind of activity related to software development. These activities include, for instance, formulation of clear and concise requirements, design of a program or writing of a program code. Such an error creeps into the running software (list of requirements, program code or project document) causing it to develop glitches. It is such a pleasure to deal with top 10 software testing companies as they are capable of solving different technical tasks regardless of complexity.

If this continues to (also referred to as a defect, bug) exist in the work product, it can introduce other defects in it. For example, if an error made in the list of requirements remains undetected, it is probably that it will cause certain errors to occur in the product design, in the system design, in the source code, and even in the user documentation.

The defect is left undetected till a failure occurs. As a matter of fact, it is just then that tester and the user understand that the system does not perform its functions as expected. At the system test level, the testing specialist is tasked with causing the program to fail, identifying and documenting the associated defects, and then fixing them in the system. Theoretically, the defect remains alive right up to the moment when it is detected in static or dynamic testing and successfully fixed. Mobile application testing companies do their best to correct behavior of mobile apps and ensure that these work across all the platforms they are designed for.

One of the consequences of defining testing is that testing specialists and software developers face opposite objectives. The goal of the developer is to write a bug-free program code, which meets the requirements of the software product and satisfies the customer needs. The developer attempts to make an amazing program. The tester is involved in analyzing the code and executing the program, which ultimately should lead to the revelation of defects that are hidden in the program code and manifest themselves during its integration, configuration and execution in various environments. Automation testing company focuses on accelerating software development life cycle by reducing the number of repetitive tests.

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