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What Is Type of Testing?
What Is Type of Testing?

If there are real plans and reasonable assumptions it makes sense to use automated tools and automated test cases to reduce the time spent testing a software product. Any repeated task is a candidate for automation. However, it usually takes much longer to automate a task than to perform it, so it is advisable to conduct a thorough analysis of each task that can be automated to determine whether or not there are the potential gains from automation. Carrying out the analysis of possible benefits, it should be remembered that automation itself is inherently reusable process and therefore has its own life cycle. Effective automation requires special qualifications, development, debugging and verification, just like any other software development project. Unplanned and poorly implemented automation means not only a waste of resources, it may also results in failure to respect the work schedule if time is spent debugging automation tools rather than testing a software app.

Automated testing service is used to speed the process of releasing software by reducing the number of tests cycles and avoiding human intervention.

Some test managers give the most common unreasonable assumptions associated with automated testing, as well as real benefits that can be expected if automation is performed correctly and the qa team follows a rigorous process.

If you still decide to invest in automated testing, you should analyze all the consequences of this decision within the chosen testing strategy. For example, the task of creating a test environment may depend on how the test run will be performed, either automatically or manually. Since both manual tasks and automated tasks rely on the same hardware facilities which need to be connected among themselves with the help of cables, connected to computer networks and put into operation, it may make sense to choose an automated test environment as a permanent configuration. Such an approach will allow for execution of automated tests without operator intervention. If it is intended to run automated regression tests for maintenance purposes, it is quite reasonable to build a dedicated stationary test facility that will be on the site for the entire period while the software product is maintained. However, such a decision entails a significant increase in the costs associated with installing the appropriate hardware and leasing the premises in which the test stand is located.

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