Bill of Rights for Software Customer

Why Is It Important to Utilize Usability Testing?
Why Is It Important to Utilize Usability Testing?

Right No. 4. Get a detailed report of all the work products created in the process of formulating requirements


The analyst can present the requirements using various diagrams that complement the text of a software requirements specification document. It is very important to specify alternative representations of requirements, because graphics sometimes make it possible to more clearly define certain characteristics of the system’s behavior, for example, the sequence of actions performed. And although these diagrams may seem unusual, they are easy to understand indeed. Ask the analyst to explain the purpose of each of them (and also other products created in the process of formulating requirements), the meaning of the designations and the procedure for checking the diagrams for errors.


Right No. 5. Insist on respectful and professional relationships between you and analysts / developers


If customers and developers do not understand each other, the discussion of requirements can turn into a big disappointment. A joint work allows us to open each other’s eyes to the problems faced by each of these groups. Clients involved in the requirements development process, have every right to require analysts and developers to show respectful attitude to them and attitude of care towards the time spent. In turn, customers should respect the developers because they all work together to achieve a common goal – a successful project.


What is a stress testing service? Does it need to be used during the life cycle?? Yes, surely, it is provided to subject the product to work under peak load conditions to verify its robustness and ability to withstand high demand in a user environment.


Right No. 6. Know about options and alternatives to requirements and their implementation


To ensure that the new system does not automate inefficient or out-of-date processes, the analyst should know why existing systems are not suitable for your business processes. Analysts who thoroughly understand the subject domain of the business sometimes offer some or other improvements to your business processes. The analyst, creatively approaching to business is also a worthy contributor to the success of the project: he proposes new features of the program about which users even did not dream.


Right No. 7. Describe the characteristics that simplify the work with the product


It is likely that analysts will ask you about the characteristics of software that go beyond the functional needs of users. Thanks to them, the software product becomes more user-friendly, which allows customers to perform their tasks more efficiently. Sometimes users ask to make the product user-friendly, reliable or effective, but these terms are too subjective to help developers in their work. Therefore, the analyst must find out specific characteristics that mean a friendliness, reliability or efficiency to you.
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