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Why Is It Important to Utilize Usability Testing?

Why Is It Important to Utilize Usability Testing?
Why Is It Important to Utilize Usability Testing?

Goals of usability testing


This type of testing is based on black box test design technique. The main objective is to watch other people using the product and identify bottlenecks and issues in order to improve some functions.


It includes testing for:


  1. Functionality, efficiency.
  2. Accuracy.
  3. Emotional response.
  4. Recall.


  • Efficiency determines how long it takes for testers to perform tasks assigned to them. And how many steps are necessary to take for this?


For example, find something, some item on Internet store, change user account password, etc.


  • Accuracy determines how many errors people made when performing tasks. It is very important to determine whether or not they are fatal or repairable with correct readable content.
  • Emotional response specifies how a person feels about tasks accomplished, is this person assured in mind, annoyed, would the user advise a friend to use this system.


  • Recall counts the number of people that remember how to use the product after the non-use period.


Advantages of usability testing


  • immediate contact with core audience;
  • the internal discussion about the product can be settled by analyzing how the users respond to various options;
  • problems and potential challenges are pointed out prior to releasing the product;
  • the users are able to reach their goals and this leads to achieving business goals.


Disadvantages of usability testing


  • testing does not completely correspond to the reality, i.e, is not 100% representative of real life scenarios;
  • in most cases, it is qualitative testing therefore does not provide lots of samples and feedbacks.


Other benefits of usability testing


  • better quality of software app;
  • software is easier to use;
  • software is more willingly accepted by the user;
  • reduces the new user learning curve;
  • determines whether the participants have been successful in doing tasks at hand;
  • defines how long it takes to do particular tasks;
  • finds out how much the participants are satisfied with your product;
  • specifies the changes necessary to raise performance and user satisfaction;
  • analyses performance in order to see if it meets your destination.


Usability testing is one of many software testing methodologies that refers to evaluating service or a product by testing it on representative users. If you want your product to meet the needs of its users, there is no better choice than to outsource its testing to Ukrainian usability testing companies.

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