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How to Get The Job in Beta Testing Companies

How to Get The Job in Beta Testing Companies
How to Get The Job in Beta Testing Companies

One Day Together with Beta Testing Companies

IT industry continues to grow fast and shape the world economy in the way unparalleled in history. Nowadays, it is not necessary to get a professional education and be an employee in software testing companies to pose a software tester.

Before any software program (mobile app, desktop app, web app, etc.) is approved for public release, it must be subjected to testing. In other words, the completed program is delivered to a small group of purchasers for revision. It is the second and the last phase of testing to be done by beta testing companies. Personnel of the organization invites everyone to participate in this kind of verification.These non-technical people run the testing at their premises. There are specialized websites and exhibitions where everybody who is willing to become a beta tester can apply for the participation in the event.  

Requirements to Beta Testers

If you want to be approved by beta testing companies for the role of beta tester and spend unforgettable time collaborating with them, learn the following job demands:

  • A candidate must be 18 years or older. In most cases, the customers expect from the clients to comply with this condition, but there are exceptions. If the tester is a student, he may be hired on a part-time basis.
  • There must be a modern computer and constant internet connection at hand. If the tester verifies a game, he needs to have games coming to the last generation of consoles – the Play Station 3 or XBOX 360. By the way, a lot of studiers dream of being a game tester or beta tester. Indeed, they are the most often recruited by game testing companies to imitate live experience.
  • Install the software to be tested. Make sure it is compatible with your computer/mobile device/console of the tester.
  • Install a bug tracking system and send reports to the customer. Beta testers do not only use the software and play games for pure entertainment purposes. They should assess the product under test, give feedback on the testing process and submit a report of the work done.
  • A software tester is assigned to perform a certain task, some sort of test which must be successfully passed. If the exam is failed, there is no other chance to try again.
  • Be advanced computer user, have required experience and skills for test execution.
  • Confidentiality agreement. If a tester works on the product which has not been officially declared, he will have to sign confidentiality the agreement after employment. In most cases, there is no need for that.
  • Be attentive, detail-oriented, patient, easy going, sociable, initiative.

It is important to understand that beta testing companies want you to work but not only have fun while you are a beta tester.

Most customers including mobile app testing companies refuse to interact with lazy beta testers and often give these unconscientious volunteers wrong references. If everything is alright,

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