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What is Hidden behind Exploratory Testing Services?

What is Hidden behind Exploratory Testing Services?
What is Hidden behind Exploratory Testing Services?

Exploratory testing services are perfect if you intend both studying the project and working on it, designing exploratory tests and their execution. These independent testing types can’t be defined in advance and dedicated testers don’t execute them according to the test plan.

QA consultants, during work, write down ideas for tests that will subsequently be used in the following test cycles. Moreover, each subsequent test executed within exploratory testing is selected based on results of the previous test. Exploratory testing is flexible because it allows selecting the best test strategy.

Within exploratory testing, testing team establishes time limits for the test session, in terms of which the testing process takes place. According to the results of each session, there is a test result report, which is discussed later by testing team on briefings.

Professional QA Testing Team Should:

  • keep exploratory testing under control;
  • split tasks to perform tests on priorities;
  • compose the literate test result reports with entering detected bugs & suggestions in the bug-tracking system;
  • be experienced, with skills in implementation and using various techniques/methodologies.

Exploratory testing aims to determine how your product works in reality. One can also resort to this testing type if there is no complete list of requirements, either a complete specification, as well as in the case of complete absence of any documentation of the project.

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