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QA Consulting Companies Dispelled Few Myths About Exploratory Testing

QA Consulting Companies Dispelled Few Myths About Exploratory Testing
QA Consulting Companies Dispelled Few Myths About Exploratory Testing

QA consulting companies are known for defining the most effective techniques and means to perform testing services. SQA consulting specialists take into consideration the requirements and tasks of the customer, as well as the risks and specific information systems. They mapped out three most common myths about exploratory testing services.

Myth #1. Exploratory Testing is Uncontrollable

Some think that while executing exploratory testing, it’s hard to define where to stop and cover the functionality. Sometimes exploratory testing is perceived as an antonym for scenario testing.

Actually, the effect of measurability and parallelization of tasks is easily achieved. It is enough to fixate the amount of work and divide it into measurable time parts.

Myth #2. Do Not Trust Testing to a First Comer

It’s partially true. In practice, one cannot test the product following only the previously prepared steps. There is always a desire to withdraw from the carefully calibrated scenarios and work with details, or add some negative testing, and so on. And that’s good because to cover product with tests on 100% is impossible and don’t forget about the human factor.

Myth #3. To Sell & Explain the Customer the Necessity of Exploratory Testing – is Complicated Task

In fact, the result and the transparency of the processes are important for the customer. In this case, result – is the product, which satisfies customer’s view about the quality. The transparency of processes can be achieved by means of competently composed reports. The “satisfying” report about exploratory testing should include:

  • list of tested functionalities of the product;
  • list of bug/defects;
  • internal reports;
  • risks;
  • a short summary about testing results.

Exploratory testing – doesn’t mean the full absence of documentation and total chaos, it’s a powerful tool.

Be flexible and work out the strategy that works best for your product.

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