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The Creation of Test Documentation as an Integral Part of QA Services

The Creation of Test Documentation as an Integral Part of QA Services
The Creation of Test Documentation as an Integral Part of QA Services

When it comes to a strong desire of quality assurance team to create a successful product, they know the importance of documenting all the stages of performed independent testing.

The creation of documentation significantly improves the quality of the product through closer cooperation, details clarification within test plan & documentation development. When software testing as a service is complete, the availability of test documentation allows checking how successful all phases of testing were conducted.

Test Documentation Includes:

  • test specifications;
  • documents describing the testing methodology;
  • documents describing the test scenarios;
  • test scenarios with steps to validate various criteria of evaluation of the product quality;
  • test plans with scenarios on smoke testing performance, as well as regression and acceptance.

QA team also should compose the test results reports for each version of a product & environment. As a rule, in the result of project audit, QA team provides the customer with the following documentation:

  • list of detected errors in priority and playback algorithms of the software invalid behavior;
  • report on the product status and its individual components;
  • check-lists with information about the quality of each system function;
  • analysis on load stress testing of one page in order to display the app performance speed and the feasibility of full load testing performance.

Depending on the project, test documentation may vary in format, in the level of details and scope.

The main task of test documentation is to make the executing process transparent for a customer and improve the quality of software testing. QA team must follow the documentation being up-to-date and update it in terms of the project development.

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