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5 Hot Trends in Software Testing Services in 2016

5 Hot Trends in Software Testing Services in 2016
5 Hot Trends in Software Testing Services in 2016

Top testing companies predict that 2016 would be a year of new trends and developments in the sphere of IT services.

#1. The Mainstream of Mobile App Testing Services

The process of product release, according to the app store, will become more complicated and rigorous. The app users became more demanding and IT-intensive. As a common fact, every app development company/mobile testing companies strive to satisfy its users and provide the best services, that’s why mobile app testing services will grow in prominence.

#2. Python Won’t Lose Its Popularity

For every newcomer to coding – Python language is the easiest one for learning, it’s readable and is written in simple English.

No one wants to make one’s life more complicated and will definitely pick up Python to start his/her way in programming world. So, it’s clear already that Python language will continue to grow in popular

#3. The Prominence of Agile & Continuous Delivery

The software testing services are required to integrate into the development cycle due to delivery cycles are getting shorter. What it means? Developers would be involved in the testing processes. To achieve these, testing tools should become more convenient to use for developers (focus on integrations with integrated development environments).

#4. Containers

Such containers as Microservices, Containers & Docker had enough attention in 2015. Nowadays, according to agile testing perspective, Docker container will gain pace, especially when one needs to solve tasks that arise from various environment configurations in testing, development and production.

#5. Open Source Will Gain More Popularity

Such testing tools as Selenium & SoapUI will grow in systems, from testing point of view. If commercial vendors desire to have a long-term success – they should be the part of open source movement and embrace open source.

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