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Software Quality Assurance Companies: Definition of App Testing

What is Defined As a Good Test Case
What is Defined As a Good Test Case

Due to the circumstance that software market continues to grow and, therefore, it becomes obligatory to develop as many software apps as possible in short order, the following basic requirements are to be met by modern software testing specialists:

  • It is necessary to conduct tests in crazy fast environment, following strict delivery times for software products.
  • It is necessary to ensure a sufficiently high quality of testing that would guarantee that defects leading to devastating consequences do not leak into production environment.

The problem is related to meeting each requirement provided that none of them are compromised. The goal is to define an effective test process and choose such practical technologies that would satisfy both requirements. We will begin by studying the fundamental principles of software development and testing, namely will pay attention to what testing means. Please, be advised that software quality assurance companies look to impart you their invaluable knowledge on software development process improvement.

Basic definitions used in software testing

Well, let us give definitions of a number of basic concepts and key terms. Logically, it is best to start by defining what software testing is.

Software testing is the process of running a software app with the aim to find defects.

Despite the simplicity of this definition, it contains items that require further clarification. The word “process” is used to highlight that testing is a planned, orderly activity. This aspect is very important if we are interested in rapid development, because a well-designed, сomprehensive and system approach to software manufacture leads to faster detection of software errors than poorly planned testing, moreover, conducted in a hurry. Software testing services companies help to detect and fix defects in digital products under development preventing them from being deployed into user environment.

According to this definition, testing provides for real-time analysis or usage of a software product. Test activity related to analyzing the outcomes of software development effort is called static testing. By the same token, static testing includes software code checking, end-to-end monitoring and program testing without running the app on the machine, i.e. desk checks. QA services are meant to ensure that software being developed will be delivered to its customers with the necessary functions.

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