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Quality Assurance Organizations: Tracking Program Execution Paths

It is impossible to test each execution path of a software program. However, each code line can be executed at least once – the objective is very realistic and also very important. The most obvious way to perform the task is just to sit down in front of a computer with a listing before the eyes and try to identify every possible code path. Quality assurance organizations perform different types of verification to understand if the product is developed in accordance with its requirements.  

However, there is a better approach to the identification of code paths, which requires the involvement of a programmer, so that to add a debug code to the program. When the program reaches a given program point, it prints a specific message. All the messages are different. As a rule, they are numbered, so you can always know where in the code they were issued. The programmer places debug messages in all the key points in the program. Upon completion of the test cycle, he analyzes the printed output or logging file and finds out whether or not each of the messages entered it at least once. If anything is missing, then the certain region of the program has not been tested and one may give the testers some hints on how to access it.

This technique greatly facilitates the work of the tester, because he does not need to analyze the code any longer after verifying the untested region. Again, it is better and more reliable to leave it at that. Also, it does not make any sense to track messages during testing as they may not be displayed at all, but simply be recorded in the log file.

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There are special software tools for monitoring coverage (coverage monitors) that insert similar debug commands into the code. These commands are called probes. Such software is able not only add the probes to the program, but also to collect their execution statistics, thus, developing summary data. After the coverage monitoring tools provide the information about which branches of the program have not been executed, it is possible to prepare and carry out additional tests.

Installation testing services are often used to check the correctness of the installation, namely to verify whether the program has been installed with all the necessary features and the app is working as intended.

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