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Offshore Software Testing: Adding Input Parameters to The Program


The complexity of drawing up a set of regression tests consists in a huge number of tests that are most likely to become the regression ones. It is simply impossible to perform all of them. That is why offshore software testing service providers use the ways to automate regression testing (fully or at least partially), and if the testing process can be successfully automated, you do not have to sift through a large number of tests simply due to lack of time required for their execution.

There Are Several Ways of Adding Test Data to The Program:

Data files. The program may be capable of retrieving the test data from the file. Moreover its user interface is not tested, of course, but its basic functionality is thoroughly checked. Previously prepared data files are useful for judging whether or not the program opens files or docs quickly, how it processes export and import transactions. If created correctly, the files allow to test the program to its full capacity, almost beyond the limits of its specified requirements (using maximum records, huge numbers, etc.). In each program, these objects or variables may be different, so it will take a lot of time to prepare the test data in an effective way.

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In some cases the test data should be stored in the database. The program, which is used to manage the database, must be able to store information in different formats. If the input format for the program under test is changed, you can use the database application to create new files. However, even if the input data format is not a priority issue for your program, the database provides a number of other useful features for working with the data, such as convenient editing tools and the ability to add necessary comments to the information.

Batch files. Some programs, such as compilers and linkers, as well as many programs for mathematical calculations, can read absolutely all the necessary information from the disk, including the commands. There are batch programs that process the data with no or little operator intervention; by definition, they read all of the input data from the files. If you happen to be dealing precisely with such a program, it will be enough for you to prepare test files and test results so that to test virtually all of its aspects.

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