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App Testing Service: Race Conditions and Other Time Dependencies

Can the program be executed too fast or too slow? To check its performance, you can use computer clock frequency button (if any), to try to work on a high-speed computer or, conversely, on the machine with a slower download speed, or increase the load on your own computer, starting to run several programs in parallel.

App testing service should be used to check your software product for usability, functionality, reliability, performance so that to make sure that it works as intended.

Try to interfere with the operation of the program when it moves from one state to another. Press keyboard keys, especially command ones, or send messages to the program if possible. Try pressing keys or performing any operations within the program when it performs data editing / processing or input-output operations, request the program to enter or output any information. For example, when the program is printing a file, ask it to print another one.

If timeout values are set for the program, it is when it waits for a particular event to happen within a specified time and then moves to another state, check its response to user actions, system requests or occurrence of anticipated events at time-out thresholds. What if the event occurs a second before the program should stop expecting it to take place, or a second after this action?

Outsourcing software testing to experienced and skilled specialists from Ukraine, you reduce the risks of building a low-quality software application while cutting software development and maintenance costs.

Test the system’s response at high load. In a multitask environment, you should run more other programs and see how “our” program will behave – whether or not it will successfully cope with the work. Send a large file to the printer so that the processor can all the time proceed to the print service requests. Now you will need a computer that has a slower download speed and uses less memory, with less high-speed disk system. Connect more external devices to the machine and make them generate interrupt requests as often as they can. In short, slow down your computer and increase the load on it as much as possible. As a result, your program will run more slowly, and if entering data quickly, you can try to exceed its reception capacity. If you are unable to cause the program to fail in a normal mode of operation, this may happen under heavy load.

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