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Software QA Consulting Services: What Affects Arrangement of Work Elements

To organize software testing activities in due course it is crucially important to establish a good balance between the amount of work completed by a testing specialist in order to document a problem and amount of effort put by a programmer to reproduce the problem. Sometimes testers have to prepare too detailed problem reports and test files for each, even simple and obvious error. In other companies, on the contrary, it is common to describe the problem as briefly as possible without going into too much detail, and, as a consequence, it takes so long for programmers to repeatedly search for the errors that have been already detected by testers and recreate test data rather than to simply ask for additional deliberations.

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It is hardly possible to determine the right balance, but below are some of the suggestions of how to approach solving this challenge.

  • It sometimes happens that testers have a better debugging experience than the programmers, or they are more concerned about identifying and correcting program errors. In such cases, the focus can be made on the resources used by the testing team, especially if the developers are stubborn people and cannot be replaced with other experts. This is what happens when the contract with the programmer poorly drafted and does not include any rewards or sanctions, related to the quality of his work. However, in this case, experienced testers require that the workload be redistributed officially and extra staff be added to their team. By the way, independent testing outsourcing companies can handle any QA project, even diverse and complex one, with professionalism. Due to huge expertise in software testing, the organizations can cover all testing levels, practices and approaches.
  • Under no circumstances should one intentionally waste somebody’s time. The tester should never be lazy to include additional information or test data in the report, if there is a probability that a programmer may need the content. A programmer or a project manager, in turn, should not require the tester to conduct additional studies, which are not really necessary.
  • Finally, the project manager may even reject the report or mark it as Compliant with the project. It is also possible that he will ask the tester to classify the report as Non-compliant with the documentation and send it to authors of this documentation so that they add relevant information to it (most likely in the solving problem section of the doc).

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