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Independent Testing Services: Evolutionary Development

Independent Testing Services: Evolutionary Development
Independent Testing Services: Evolutionary Development

There are certain risks in the event that an inexperienced project leader chooses an evolutionary approach to software development. The executive may think that it is possible to avoid thorough initial planning because the product evolves over time. But he is deeply mistaken. Flexibility and well-thought out concepts are the heart of successful project management & completion. Success of project development can be also ensured through independent testing services which are widely used worldwide.

Achieving the flexibility in software project developed using evolutionary approach requires more careful planning than that in waterfall projects, namely, defining all possible ways and directions of the product’s line expansion. If the project concept is developed incorrectly, then with the addition of each new function to the program, it will have to be redone, and, as a result, the benefits of the chosen approach will be negated. Moreover, as the development nears end it may be that one of the most important functions is missing without which the product would not be feature complete, and you will have to add it, postponing the release date.

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Marketing group employees do not always correctly and adequately understand the essence of the evolutionary method. Advertising the product, they often announce those of its functions, which may not be available in the final version. Needless to say, that this situation must not be allowed to occur.

There is another way that leadership is able to mess up an evolutionary project. If you do not start testing the product immediately after development of its concept ( kernel) (and this might happen if all the testers work on another project that is behind schedule) the entire strategy would be compromised. By the time when you start adding new features to the product, its kernel will appear to be incompletely debugged. As the product becomes more complex, testers and programmers will have difficulty roaring back and ensuring stability of the next version. And, eventually, you will have a badly-organized project, developed using the waterfall method: testing phase began quite late, the product is very unstable, and, on top of everything else, the specification has always been revised, the program is supplemented with more and more new functions, when old ones still work somehow or other. Are you passionate about playing video games??? Game testing companies invite you to play new games without stoppage and make money without some effort.

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