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Testing Services Companies: Goals of Documentation Testing

Reading and analyzing the documentation, careful and special attention should be first paid to its accuracy, completeness, clarity, ease of use and to how it corresponds to the labeled flavor of the product. You are sure to find the problems in each of these qualities. Therefore, you are recommended to outsource your qa demands to testing services companies which can help you prepare good and comprehensible project documentation. You, in turn, should schedule multiple testing activities to verify printed manuals, online help and other documents.

Working with the documentation, a tester is responsible for the technical accuracy of meanings the words contained in it. He must make the most thorough review of its compliance with the actual structure and behavior of the program. During this verification, also, a lot of errors will probably be found.

Be sure to pay attention to the complex and intricate parts of the text. They may disclose poorly designed elements of the program. A technical writer is bound to describe the product as it actually is. And so that to be successful in solving the problem one cannot but change the project. You should necessarily insist on such changes as they contribute to ensuring the product’s quality in general, because eventually they will help not only to simplify the product documentation that the experts write, but make it easier to use.

Web application testing service is really indispensable when you want to know how well your web app copes with the tasks it is intended to perform. If the program does not work correctly it is not a problem to improve its quality to meet your needs and expectations.

It is necessary to make sure that the documentation describes all the features that will be implemented in the product and nothing is missing. The writers rely on the specification, own notes and even rumors when developing the documents.

And although the developers try to keep the technical writers in the know, they sometimes forget to inform them about the new features, just added to the program. And due to the fact that the testers are faced with these features much earlier than technical writers, one should take care to describe them in the documentation. In addition, if the specific function is described in the manual, it does not mean that it will be described in the online help. It is likely that they are written by different people, and new information can be easily lost.

Are you well aware of multi-platform testing services, namely of their benefits? They are used to check the app’s usability and functionality on one or more platforms to understand if it is compatible with a variety of relevant platforms.

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