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5 Techniques of SQA Services Used During Software Testing

List of Questions to Identify Errors During the Test Process
List of Questions to Identify Errors During the Test Process

Test environment preparations are comprised of the creation of sufficient and proper test data. Different data are needed for various types of software testing. Load testing, stress testing and performance testing require the largest amount of data.

Quality testing services provided by testing companies include custom test data alongside standard ones. The last are not very reliable that is why custom test data are needed. Moreover, the process of getting ready for these test data is already efficient since it helps to assure complete test coverage. All these techniques make QA testing services more efficient.

It is important to know what test data frequently include. There are five techniques used to verify how to test data:

  • Valid Test Data – it should be checked whether the system responses to correct data information in a proper way or not.
  • Invalid Test Data – it is necessary to test the cases when the user might not enter correct data. SQA services of data testing might be helpful.
  • Wrong Data Formats – it should be tested how the system reacts to incorrect data formats and whether the correct error messages are shown.
  • Boundary Test Data – errors associated with processing boundary values are shared.
  • Absent Data – during desktop testing, mobile app testing and website testing is it enough to know how the system reacts on entering a blank field.
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