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Independent Verification and Validation Services: Common Misconceptions About Software Testing

Many rumors are going around software testing. It is time to scuttle them. When resorting to independent verification and validation services you cannot imagine the amount of responsibility and practical experience of those who provide them. This article will help you to get some idea what the job looks like.

Software Tester Must be Taught Just About Everything That Has to Do With the Job

No, anyone mustn’t teach him, moreover, “everything”. If we mean the certain teaching situation then all its initiators (whether it be a subject at university, a course in some training center or individual study within the company) often enter into certain “pedagogical commitments”. However, such an activity can never be replaced with self-education.  Information technology is a fast-moving field therefore the education will last a lifetime…

Testers Can’t be Developers

But what about violinists, are they frustrated pianists? Nevertheless, some percent of “failed” developers get a job in software testing. But there is a little number of these people in comparison with those who consciously choose a career in testing or who switch from programming to testing role.

It is Too Hard to Build a Career as a Software Tester

Due diligence allows many prosperous employees to succeed at work, and then testing career turns out to be one of the fastest growing areas in allied QA services ( if compared to other IT sectors).  A lot of companies are eager to hire software tester only if a job candidate is passionate about what he does.

A Tester is Guilty of Everything, i.e. He is Responsible for all Made Mistakes

Tester is rather accountable for the errors that were found by a user, namely these that were introduced when the product began working in a real-world environment. But even now we cannot draw a firm conclusion – the whole team is responsible for ensuring a success of end product’s launch.

There Will be no Demand for Testers Very Soon Since Everything Will be Automated

As soon as terminators appear in the streets this myth will turn out to be true: the programs will be able to do without men. But then we will face other problems. People have been using automation for hundreds of years, and this has left its mark on our whole lives. As a result, even the simplest low-skilled work is often done by machines. Without doubt services of the test, automation companies are invaluable because there is a job that simply cannot be performed by a man.

Nobody prevents you from being involved in an enjoyable activity that is testing. The process becomes enjoyable at some moment, turning into science-art harmony.

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