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Contribution of Performance Testing Companies to The Development Life Cycle

Contribution of Performance Testing Companies to The Development Life Cycle
Contribution of Performance Testing Companies to The Development Life Cycle

Performance testing is a testing practice that is carried out to determine the time duration that system needs to complete a particular task or set of tasks. It is frequently used to check different features of the system:

  1. Scalability.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Resource Usage.

Performance testing tends to verify the performance of software already during the design stage before the development process starts. Performance testing companies help to understand better the capabilities of the system and anticipate load-related issues.

Performance Testing Can be Divided Into the Four Types:

Load testing is the simplest form of testing. It is often conducted to ascertain how the app is behaving, given a particular condition, i.e. under expected workload. This workload may be, for example, the estimated number of simultaneous users on the system who commit a certain number of transactions per time interval. Such type of testing usually allows determining effectiveness of the program, a response time of all the most important business transactions. When it comes to observing a database, application server, network, and so on this testing type can also help to find some bottlenecks in the application.

Stress testing is intended to determine bandwidth for software applications. This kind of performance testing focuses on identifying the software’s reliability, robustness, and availability under extreme or disproportionate loads and evaluating if the system can operate correctly during peak hours, beyond the limits of its specification. Stress testing service provision is analogous to performance testing service, but the former requires a simulating massive load on a server.  

Endurance, soak, longevity, stability testing aims to verify whether the application can handle expected load for the extended period. This testing type is primarily meant to check the memory leaks. Also, it is crucial to consider performance degradation factor, and the process helps to ensure that response times / throughout is good or even better than they were at the start of the test.  

Configuration testing is another traditional type of performance testing. It is done to verify the app’s performance for different system configurations.  

It is hardly possible to ensure seamless operation of the software application without performance testing services. Let the professionals help to create faster apps and implement new features for them in less time – feel confident about the quality of your IT product!

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