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Module Testing As One of The Valuable Services Provided by QA Company

Module Testing As One of The Valuable Services Provided by QA Company
Module Testing As One of The Valuable Services Provided by QA Company

Module vs. unit testing is the smallest form of testing aimed at verifying each piece of software application separately, in isolation from the rest of the features or the system. It is performed in thetest environment that is similar to the production environment. In order to create an artificial working environment for a certain module, the tester needs to have excellent test automation skills as well as some programming knowledge. Such an environment is created for a module / unit with the help of drivers and stubs.

Running module testing, a QA company manages to identify problems as early as possible while they are still insignificant and therefore are less costly to eliminate.  

The driver is a certain testing module, a type of test harness created for specific testing goals. It is used to simulate a varied set of conditions to examine an item under test while observing its behavior and output. The stub helps to inspect a part of a program by imitating the interfaces of the application’s components in a common manner.

Drivers & Stubs are Needed to:

  • Simulate the missing components of the system or software.
  • Give or return a certain value to the module, make it possible for the tester to independently enter the desired value.
  • Recreate specific situations (exceptions or other unusual working conditions for a module/unit under test).

Be aware, that there is an opportunity for you to use outsourced testing services and save yourself the trouble of hiring expensive in-house QA specialists. Preferring to send your work to offshore service providers you are guaranteed to achieve your purposes effectively and implement your project successfully and within deadlines.   

Let Us Consider the Benefits of Module Testing:

  • Module testing motivates programmers to find the most optimized way to write the code, to simplify the program code through refactoring without affecting its functionality, because when using module testing it becomes much easier to examine the functionality of the component/module under test.
  • Due to separating implementations from interfaces (based on the peculiarities of module testing) one can minimize dependencies in the system.
  • Documentation gathered for module testing is an example of aliving or dynamic documentationfor each class to be tested using this technique.
  • Module testing helps to better understand the role of each class against the entire software system.

And, finally, it is worth telling that performance testing company is what you cannot do without if you feel like ensuring smooth work of IT application.

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