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Software Performance Testing Services: How To Get Your App To Work Correctly

Software Performance Testing Services: How To Get Your App To Work Correctly
Software Performance Testing Services: How To Get Your App To Work Correctly

Due to a rapidly growing number of software app users and vast amounts of information which need to be processed one can’t help but wonder if a software program can perform its functions correctly under expected load. Software performance testing services are provided to examine thoroughly features and capabilities of the app and to find its bottlenecks which may lead to its malfunction or even crash.

There is a range of performance testing activities carried out to anticipate the occurrence of various problems and choose adequate methods to prevent them.

Performance testing allows not only to check how the system behaves under given workload but also to select the measures that help to optimize the work of its particular modules.

Depending on the system’s features that need to be tested, performance testing can divide into four types:

  1. Load testing.
  2. Stress testing.
  3. Volume testing.
  4. Soak testing.

Load tests check if the program can withstand expected user loads; they can simulate concurrent connectors to the application to know how much traffic it can handle. And, as a result, it is possible to determine maximum operating capacity of the software.

Stress testing is run to identify how the system performs at peak loads; the load is gradually increased to identify the thresholds for the system at which it will break.  

Volume testing lets to verify the system’s behavior when it is subjected to a tremendous amount of data. This kind of verification helps to understand if the program works as expected for the certain amount of data.

Soak testing focuses on checking the system’s stability for production use. The system is tested under significant load over an extended period.

Performance testing and load testing are to be conducted early in the development process to make sure that the performance requirements are being met, test design data and estimate software development efforts. It is recommended not to delay testing manufactured software products otherwise you may face the problems that will be difficult to solve. It is better to stop any trouble before it starts. Therefore, many app users become the clients of performance testing companies. These can always offer the right solution to any software-related problem.   

Performance failures that are overlooked and left unrepaired before the product is made available to its customers may lead to costly rework and hard launch. Performance testing service is always useful when you want to determine speed and effectiveness of your software app and use it as long as possible.

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