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Automation Testing Companies: What is Test Automation Pyramid

Automation Testing Companies: What is Test Automation Pyramid
Automation Testing Companies: What is Test Automation Pyramid

Almost in all business segments, there are own tricks and secrets which help to improve the flow of work, the output of goods & services and quality of working processes in general. Testing is one of many important jobs in the computing industry; it is an integrated part of the development life-cycle. Software testers are within IT sector, for the most part, they enjoy their work, they are helped by knowing testing skills, nevertheless, creating and running a test has its peculiar quirks.

Different types of software testing are often carried out using so-called Test Visualizers. These are various diagrams, schemes, images, etc. which help you better understand the actions performed by test commands and have a firm grasp of complicated IT processes.

Automation testing companies use such tools to take screenshots of the user actions while a test is recorded or played back. Such efforts are undertaken to estimate whether there are differences between the observed and expected behavior and state of the program. Mike Cohn was the first to develop a strategy of test automation pyramid. He established a model of pyramid towards traditional and then the agile, automated process of testing software products and systems. This agile development pyramid consists of the following three levels:

  1. Automated module testing.
  2. Automated integration testing.
  3. Automated end-to-end testing.


In Mike Cohn’s test pyramid, end-to-end testing is at the top, but module testing forms its foundation. User interface testing also sits at the head of the pyramid.

Automated testing service is available to optimize testing process and enhance return on investment.

Parts of this pyramid differ in size because they contain a different number of test cases that are intended to check application, a system or its feature for compliance with the requirements specification.

Moreover, a cloud is placed at the top of the pyramid. Manual testing is a part (not essential or critical part) of the pyramid, and it is the biggest change in it. Namely manual testing is shown with the help of the cloud. In diagram form, the pyramid looks like this:

In most cases, automation testing company uses this pyramid to perform various types of software testing. However, there exist a lot of its modifications. All depends on the testing type, whether it be mobile testing or app testing.

Parts of the pyramid, as well as their arrangement, may be changed. Sometimes, you can even see an upside down test automation pyramid.

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