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Test Automation Companies and Their Contribution to Success of Developed Software Products

Testing is one of the verification & validation software practices which plays important role in software development life cycle. Since the goal of this process is the quality assurance, it involves examining developed software in order to find how well it functions. Today’s discussion is dedicated to automated testing and its unquestionable advantages.

If you had to test sites in manual way, you should know how long it takes to perform this task. In fact, manual testing is a time-consuming & tedious process. At the same time, automation can simplify the work of the tester. Testing is an essential part of the lifecycle therefore it should start as early as possible, in the very first stage of SDLC. Automated testing is an integral part of the full testing process. It is the usage of specified software to monitor the execution of tests and the comparison of actual results with the expected ones. But in most cases test automation is required to reduce the time to perform the repetitive tests and also make the process simpler.

Test automation companies help to reduce product life cycle periods, increased emphasis on quality and escalated pressure on budget.

There are many benefits of using automated testing, but at the same one should consider possible attendant problems and the enormous magnitude of time spent on test writing and maintenance. Accordingly, it is necessary to plan testing activities in due way and determine if the automation will appear to be cost effective in particular situation. Basically, smoke testing and the repetitive tests are automated in the first instance. Again, it is recommended to automate multistage testing and testing which involves complicated mathematical calculations.  

An automation testing company provides its services to increase productivity and reduce human efforts.

When it is time to start automated testing so that it can contribute to success of the project / products under development? To know this it is necessary to answer 2 questions:

Is There the Need to Run Automated Testing?

There must be:

  • An object to be automated
  • Test plan
  • Ready-made test cases for manual testing
  • Test automation tool

Is it Profitable to Automate Testing of the Project? Yes, if:

It is expected that automated testing will bring desirable results

There is the need to run automated testing ( according to customer requirements, status of the project)

Automated software testing as a service is really worth using in many cases because it can provide you with return on your investments! Moreover, it is far more advantageous than manual process.

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