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Are Services of Automation Testing Companies Always Beneficial?

Are Services of Automation Testing Companies Always Beneficial?
Are Services of Automation Testing Companies Always Beneficial?

These days, more and more attention is paid to test process automation with intent to improve the quality, reduce man-hour and cycle time. However, automated testing can be really efficient only if it is used correctly as only certain types of systems or components of a system must be subjected to automation.

Services of automation testing companies are available for software companies to simplify, accelerate and improve the development life cycle.

There are Several Types of Software Testing:

Functional testing is a type of software testing done to verify the compliance with the functional requirements.

Regression testing is aimed at checking that the enhancements and changes made to the application work as intended.

Load testing is an analysis of the system’s behavior under the normal and critical workload.

However, it does not necessarily mean that test automation framework should be used for the abovementioned types of verification. Then, when is it not necessary to automate tests? In order to apply a model of test automation for the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC), one should select and prepare test data in advance before the automated process starts.

There is a big probability that the tests will require continuous and long improvement during the process. It may happen when some modifications to the functionality are made.

An automated testing company runs various types of automated tests for desktop, mobile, and web applications in order to effectively verify their major functionality.  

Advantages of Automated Testing

The most valuable benefits of automated testing:

  • the ability to execute a large number of test within a short period of time;
  • the possibility to reuse the same testing tools for various tested targets which share the same format of data;
  • finding and fixing bugs overlooked by software testers during the manual process.

Disadvantages of Automated Testing

  • there is no guarantee that accurate and high fidelity test results will be achieved; through automated tests because they are developed by human beings and therefore may contain errors;
  • automated test scripts are unable to find low priority bugs since these originally are not designed to track such bugs;
  • additional complexity is a high price of automated testing tools.

Unfortunately, automation test frameworks that are available on The Internet do not have all necessary functions in comparison with paid frameworks.

Anyway, automation testing as a service has been gaining popularity and is becoming more important for a majority of software projects. Despite its disadvantages, test automation is what programmers cannot do without because it allows them to avoid performing boring and tedious tasks manually.

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