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Key Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing

Software testing outsourcing is the best solution today that ensures a lot of benefits, among which:
Saving time and resources for search, recruitment, education and maintenance of own testing department;
Reduced risk of financial losses due to poor productivity or downtime of the department, improper use of the product;
No expenses for the purchase of specialized equipment and automation testing tools;
The ability to direct undivided attention and all efforts towards achievement of strategic business objectives and assurance of high productivity in the organization;
Maximum objectivity of software verification results from an independent test group;
The project managers get a realistic view of the quality of software development;
The ability not just to identify software defects but also to create the opportunities so that to reduce their number in the subsequent versions.
Specialists of company “Aplana” provide services associated with improvement of software quality at a low cost. Software quality assurance services are available to deliver a full range of testing services to companies / organizations creating software products and business apps. The process involves the use of modern methodologies and rigorously selected effective tools from the leading global providers of specialized software solutions.”Aplana” professionals have mastered the theoretical and practical knowledge that has been upgraded for many years and they necessarily consider the specifics of a particular organization in each project for the most accurate and complete achievement of business objectives.
Ways of Service Delivery
“Alpana” Specialists provide quality assurance for information systems through a full range of services, in particular:
Consulting services – monitoring quality assurance procedures, solution to the issues on the implementation of quality assurance in software development processes;
Outsourcing testing services – the company’s experts perform testing that covers all stages of the product lifecycle, including collection and analysis of the requirements;
Outstaffing – the rapid expansion of the organization’s resources by temporary outsourced testing specialists carrying out the work directly on the customer’s site.
Outsourced testing is the best way to save on costs and at that improve business processes!

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