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How to Pick Up Tools for Automated Testing Services

The selection of tools, in most cases, depends on the tested object and test scenario requirements. It is because testing tools can’t handle all the technologies used in application development. In other words, the selection of tools is reduced to the trial and error approach. As a result, software testers, quite often, choose several tools to perform functional testing services. For example, GUI is validated using Mercury WinRunner, backend process uses “Java-based test tools” or some others. The main aspects of tools selection for automated testing as a service are described below.


Automated testing is kind of testing in which one software is tested by the means of another. Automated testing tools are the principal means by which this is done. This kind of testing helps to speed up the testing process, save money and reduce manpower. Automated tests can be easily repeated, and they perform the task that is often almost impossible for manual testing. The leading automated testing tools are Cucumber, Selenium, LoadRunner and others.

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