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SQA Services: “Bug Free” Software is a Myth or Reality

Forget About Such Thing as Bug-Free Software

According to QA consultants, the most “favorite” question among clients is about bug-free software. In this case, the answer is always the same: there is no such a thing as a bug-free software. The majority of customers believe that there is some “magic methodology”, which when followed correctly, miraculously result in zero bugs present.

The given situation leads to an immediate question: when and how you can determine that software is ready to launch? Not bad question, because it provokes some thoughts. First, tester’s feedback takes place and should be considered: How firm or unsteady is the software? The second question is about the coverage. How much of the core functionality has been covered and to what depth? What about new features, if any? How thoroughly have those been tested?

Also, quality assurance consultants recommend forgetting about the regression testing as a service. Checking that the bugs that have been marked fixed are not only fixed but that those fixes have not spawned a bevy of new bugs. Then there’s the metrics to consider.

Evaluate the Metrics

Metrics is useful, but by no means can they be taken alone as the stamp of approval to push a release build into the wild. Some trends should be evident before launch. The rate of bug discovery, for example, should be trending down.

The number of bugs fixed typically spikes and then tapers off as minor and trivial issues are deferred to the next build or are closed and pushed to the FAQs. Both the number of high severity issues as well as the rate of discovery for these matters should be trending down.

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