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QA and Testing Services: Introduction to Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall Models

The testing process is intimately connected with software requirements. Therefore, requirements document model and requirements development process determine how best to run tests while working on the project.

Each of the software development models has its terms and limitations. For example, Kanban is best suitable for the team whose workload is typically unknown in advance and is hard to predict. Scrum is applicable for maintaining those software projects which requirements are simple and clear so that to be implemented in 2 weeks. In both cases, there is no need for too much documentation, though it all depends on the customer’s requirements, the complexity of the product and duration of the software development/maintenance.  

An increasing number of various companies, both small and large, prefer using QA and testing services. It is no secret that the earlier they test their projects, the more successful these will be.There are several testing processes to be used most frequently:

Scrum или Kanban Agile Methodologies

  • Determining principal ways and types of testing during evaluation of the user stories (for Kanban) and assignment of stories into sprint (for Scrum). Essential requirements to the stories’ quality are recorded in acceptance criteria document.  
  • During testing (for Kanban) or when executing a test task in a sprint (for Scrum), detailed test scenarios are developed for each user story, critical test scenarios are included in test plans for subsequent integration and acceptance testing types. Also, automated functional tests are designed to be used as the basis for running regression tests. As soon as the implementation of the user stories is complete, manual and automated tests are performed, detected defects are fixed.

Software QA services are for you if you want to test the web, desktop, mobile applications on real devices to ensure that they work on different platforms.

  • After completion of each sprint (for Scrum) or before releasing the number of sprints, integration testing, acceptance testing and exploratory testing types are carried out using test plans developed in advance.
  • If defects are found in the software, they go into the product backlog or sprint depending on their criticality.

Waterfall model is known as a traditional approach to software development. It called this way because planning the type of development involves usage of Gantt chart. You cannot move on to the next phase before completing the previous one.

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