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Offshore Software Testing Services: Control Flow Based Testing, Data Flow Testing

Offshore Software Testing Services: Control Flow Based Testing, Data Flow Testing
Offshore Software Testing Services: Control Flow Based Testing, Data Flow Testing

Control flow based testing. When performing this type of testing you need to consider the following criteria:

  • Condition coverage criterion, which covers all logical (boolean) conditions in the program.
  • Decision / branch coverage criterion. These criteria do not replace each other, so in practice a condition coverage criterion and decision coverage criterion are combined, and this combined criterion marries decision / condition coverage requirements.

Popular criteria include program function coverage criterion, according to which each function of the program must be called at least once, and call coverage criterion, according to which every call of each function in the program must be carried out at least once. The call coverage criterion is also known as the call pair coverage criterion. Offshore software testing services are always associated with reduced costs and high quality products. If you ask Ukrainian partners to do your testing work you will not any more want to look for another testing service provider to deal with complicated technical tasks.  

Data flow testing. This type of testing is aimed at identifying reference links to uninitialized variables and redundant assignments (of data flow anomalies). The data flow can be considered as a basis for the testing strategy. For example, this strategy may require testing of all the relationships containing the reference (usage), and the definition of the variable pointed to by the reference (i.e., covering the arcs of the information graph of the program). The disadvantage of the strategy is that it neither includes the C1 criterion, nor guarantees coverage of decisions. Stress testing services are often used to subject a program to peak workloads with the aim to verify its stability.   

Pair-wise strategy, known as all-pairs testing, also requires that the mentioned relationships be tested. The use of a variable in the predicate is duplicated according to the number of decision outputs, and each of these required relationships must be tested. Another popular criterion is the CP criterion, which involves covering all such pairs of arcs v and w, that arc w is accessible from the arc v, since it is on the arc where there may be loss of the value of a variable that can no longer be used in the future. To “cover” another popular criterion – Cdu, it is enough to test pairs (vertex, arc), since the definition of the variable occurs at the top of the CFG ( control flow graph), and its use is on arcs originating from decisions, or at computational tops.

Penetration testing services turn out to be useful for people longing to identify loopholes in IT defense mechanisms so that no intruder could access sensitive data and computer features.

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