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QA Consulting: Several Remarks on Problem Report Form

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The article will help you understand how the problem report form, namely some of its fields, should look like – please, pay your precious attention to the content of this page. Below are several useful recommendations that may help you create an individual issue tracking system, of course, if you are going to do this one day.

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  • Lists of titles, the names and admissible values ​​of the fields in the report form are best stored in separate data files. When the user enters data in the report field, the system should immediately check their admissibility. For example, it may relate to the fields such as Program, Functional Area, etc. For some fields, you can use the value Not known or?. For example, a question mark can be placed in the Version field if the report writer knows exactly which program version exhibited an erroneous behavior – the problem that he identified and then described in the report. The answer to the question: Can you reproduce the problem? can be written in abbreviated form and have one of three values: Y (Yes), N (No), and S (Sometimes)
  • The report fields like Functional Area and Database Administrator should have two columns each. The first has length of 3 to 5 characters and is intended to speed up the input: it is possible to enter the initials or acronym associated with the full value automatically inserted by the system in the second field. When you have to enter lots of records at a time, this method really saves a lot of time. Abbreviation field can be skipped, as it will be enough to enter the total value in the second field.

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  • When entering the report in the system, it should automatically assign value Shall Be Regarded to Resolution field.
  • No one but the tester should be eligible to enter a value Closed in Condition Field. By default, this field must be assigned the value Open.

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