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Quality Assurance Consultants Explain Why Project Manager Hands Over Problem Report To Programmer

By submitting a report to a programmer, project manager expects him to fix errors in the program or conduct some research and give explanations why the described problem cannot be solved. Needless to say that program errors are usually corrected.

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Instead of correcting the errors the programmer may request the tester to submit additional information or confirm (sometimes not without reason) that the error cannot be reproduced, or is too hard to fix, that the described situation is not a problem at all, that no adequate user of the program will face it ever, that test case is written incorrectly or the problem is not worth paying attention to for any other reason.

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Some programmers do their best to avoid correcting errors. It happens that a programmer ignores the individual reports, hoping that no one will notice that he engaged in the act of sabotage,and this may last until it is too late to change anything. Or a programmer tries to make life of the tester more complicated in every way, hoping that he would surrender and be documenting fewer errors: the programmer enters into a debate with the tester, requires him to submit additional materials, conduct new research, give evidence that the program does not meet user needs.

Or he may require the tester to carry out a verification to make sure that the error is still present also in the next version of the program (although the programmer did not correct this error, but he simply hopes that it suddenly disappeared naturally while other errors were being corrected).

Another popular strategy of similar unscrupulous programmers is the so-called sand storm: in the jargon, incomprehensible to the tester, the programmer vaguely explains that the changes made to this part of the code may threaten the whole system and seriously affect its reliability.

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