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Who Uses Issue Tracking Systems for Service Quality Assurance

Acquaintance with Test Levels

Common Users of The Issue Tracker

Now you are welcome to see the issue tracking process through the eyes of qa employees. What are their needs and requirements? And how they can benefit from the automated issue tracking system?

Service quality assurance is used to identify software bugs that cause computer system failures. The issue tracker helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this process.

Users of the system are writers of the original reports, the people who read these documents, add their own information to them or receive the summary of the work done for each report. It is obvious this does not only refer to testing specialists, but also to other staff members involved in the product development and testing processes. Therefore, the system belongs not only to testing team – it belongs to the whole company.

Test Leader

The employee supervises software testing work and is responsible for ensuring quality of IT products and for documenting problems identified. He analyzes all questionable problem reports, including those that were returned to the testers because of the inability to reproduce the situation, or so that to request for additional information. Test leader reviews all the reports marked Deferred and Compliant and decides which ones should be re-discussed at the relevant meeting. He prepares summary reports and sends them to the management and also looks through them with his own eyes in order to timely identify errors existing in the products. He learns from the reports about the poor interaction between employees, low productivity of individual testers (insufficient number of reports provided by them or, conversely, too many trivial reports), as well as the differences or problems related to correcting the errors, which should be discussed with the project manager in a personal conversation. As a rule, top software testing companies look for team members who are sure to contribute best to accomplishment of intended goals.

Ordinary Testers

Ordinary testers write the problem reports and skim them after the problems are solved. They re-test the program, checking if the reported errors have been really fixed. The testers reanalyze deferred or rejected problem reports marked Compliant and in some cases draw up new reports with more persuasive descriptions of problems.

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