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Independent Verification and Validation Services: Implementing Basic Functions of Issue Tracker

You are welcome to consider independent verification and validation services in order to save on your development costs and distribute higher quality products to the target audience.

One day you will have to design your own issue tracking system or install or redo the finished software package. It is assumed that the choice of data structures and functions of the system depends entirely on you. Some tips for its implementation, which are listed below, are based on recognized qa experts’ experience with similar systems. Of course, there may be other, alternate solutions that can be convenient and useful, but the option seems to be the best.

Documenting New Problems

You are recommended to allow all employees of the company to draw up problem reports. Some of them, especially the testers will independently enter their reports into the database, while others can provide reports in writing, and your employees will be tasked with adding these to the database.

When you enter the report into the database, the system checks the information for admissibility. Incorrect or incomplete reports are naturally rejected by it. Therefore, if any of the staff does not know how to properly fill in all fields of the report form, ask him  / her to draw up a paper report. A member of the testing team will reproduce the problem, make corrections to the report and enter it into the computer.

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In a single-user system, and also in some multiuser systems, after the report has been entered into a database, the system prints out the three copies of it. The first one is retained by a writer of the report. The second is sent to the programmer, usually by the hand of his boss. The third copy remains in the archive belonging to the testing group. (In case of problems with electronic data carriers you will be happy, that have kept a hard copy of each report.)

Weekly Summary Reports

At the end of each week, the final reports are generated. To work with them requires accuracy and consistency: always assign the same people to deliver these documents, and do it on permanent basis, every week.

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